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Nurfed has been together for well over ten years, and was founded during the early days of Shadowbane. We have been a prominent figurehead in the WoW community since its inception, even dating back to its pre-release.

Since the debut of Upper Blackrock Spire in classic beta, we have been a stalwart contender at the forefront of bleeding-edge progression. Over the course of the game we have amassed a plethora of highly-ranked world kills (e.g. Nefarian, Viscidus, C’Thun, The Four Horsemen, Gruul, Kael’thas, Archimonde, M’uru, Anub’arak, et cetera). Our break-out stardom came in Molten Core, where we acquired the very first legendary item in the game, the [Talisman of Binding Shard].

To this day we continue to preside at the top for being one of the first guilds to have completed the A Tribute to Insanity achievement. Likewise, we are one of only a hundred or so guilds currently working on the Lich King in heroic mode. We endeavor to emphasize skill over time spent, which is why our raiding schedule is so minimal compared to every other top guild in existence (we raid 12 hours per week during progression).

As a tightly knit group of players — most of whom are friends in real life — we enjoy frequent guild gatherings that are known to occur all around the nation. There are yearly Las Vegas and Blizzcon trips, and typically there are more than half a dozen other impromptu events. Such social affairs are made possible due primarily to our limited roster, which consists of only 32 players. We can ensure the raiding atmosphere remains upbeat and friendly, and it is not an overstatement to claim that each and every one of our players feels honored to be part of such an exceptional and talented guild.

Similarly, as a member of Nurfed you will be able to participate in many unique experiences, such as our celebrated leveling competitions, high-stakes poker tournaments, and various server-wide contests. Believe me when I say that our prizes are nothing to scoff at. You will likewise be privy to certain other perks when you are within our ranks — privileges that no other guild could dare hope to offer… but such things are better left unsaid.

Many of our members are also revered in the PvP scene. We had a long-standing tradition of securing season-ending titles (such as Vengeful and Deadly Gladiator) on Bloodlust, which was notorious for being the toughest battlegroup in all of WoW. Additionally, we allow our players to attend various LAN functions while playing for other teams’ rosters. We have lent players to Team Pandemic, SK-Gaming, and several other world-class PvP organizations.

(Note: This page doesn’t cover 1/100th of our history and reads like a recruitment ad. Stay tuned for updates.)

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