Nurfed » F.A.Q.

  • Do you honestly raid so little? How is that possible?

Yes, we truly only raid 12 hours per week, and that’s at the absolute maximum. A typical progression raid week for us is Tuesday & Wednesday from 6:00pm until 10:00pm PST, and Sunday from 5:00pm until 9:00pm PST. Those days only fluctuate based on holidays and will be posted well in advance.


Many other guilds claim to have schedules similar to ours, but a cursory glance at World of Logs or a quick discussion with any of their members reveals their propaganda to be deceitful. We stick to our guns, though, and you will never exceed 12 hours per week here, even during the height of progression. You will likewise never raid on a Friday or Saturday in this guild.


Simply put, the vast majority of our competition will devote more time to a new dungeon on their very first day than we will in our first week. We emphasize skill and efficiency over time spent.

  • What type of loot system does Nurfed use?

Nurfed uses a system whereby the officers confer and award loot, based on size of upgrade, attendance, and overall benefit to the raid. This method is widely known as “merit” or “loot council”. Additionally, to ensure fairness and equality, officers do not vote on their own loot bids and the GM himself may only acquire loot when it is on rot status. We do not use any variation of DKP, though we did develop our own suite of tools (known as NDKP) and released it for public consumption prior to the release of The Burning Crusade. It can still be found for download at the Nurfed UI website.

  • Alright, then, how many Officers are there?

Our GM is Notskot, and we have four officers (Billionaire, Sense, Somaa, & Ub). We do not believe in the notion of class leaders.

  • Most high-end raiding guilds have hundreds of active members. Why don’t you?

Our active roster currently sits at about 33 players, comprised of both members and trials. That number shifts slightly based on when we add new trials and/or cut poor performers from our active raiding roster. However, we will never deviate much from thirty; we feel that a smaller organization helps foster a deeper attachment to one’s fellow guildmates, and lasting friendships inevitably emerge. Moreover, a limited player base is far easier to manage, thus creating a smoother, more enjoyable raiding atmosphere for everyone.


A core philosophy of Nurfed is that competition breeds better raid performance. We will bring in trials/recruits to challenge our core members’ performance if we feel a certain area is lacking.


Our principles stand in stark contrast to the so-called “zerg” guilds who tirelessly assault new content with their endless supply of unsophisticated players and mandatory fully-geared alts. We similarly frown upon class-stacking to defeat encounters.

  • Speaking of alts, am I allowed to bring mine to a guild raid?

No, alts are never permitted in our main raids – not during progression or otherwise. You are recruited to play one class, and one class only. If you wish to gear out an alt, you must do so on your own time. That said, we routinely run a 10-man group for alts and people interested in just that purpose.

  • If I apply, will I actually get to particpate, or will I be benched?

We do not recruit back-ups. Assuming you are adequately geared and knowledgeable of current fights, you will be permitted to come to any raid – even progression. However, this is not meant to imply that you will never be sat out. Certain encounters require a very specific raid composition (e.g. four tanks or seven healers), which is something we have little control over. Expect to be asked to take one for the team on occasion.

  • How does recruitment work for Nurfed, and when do I receive a guild tag?

Trial membership is roughly a six-week process. We will guild-invite you after approving of your application and interview. Recruit permissions within the guild are limited, mostly just there to simplify communication and coordination.


Full membership status is contingent on the entirety (as in 100%) of the guild agreeing that you are someone we would like to keep around. If a single member vetoes you for any reason, you will be let go.

  • I heard that Nurfed does not recruit the fairer sex. Confirm or deny?

Unfortunately, skilled female gamers are a rarity. While we are not averse to women in this guild, we are severely allergic to drama queens and attention whores of either sex.

  • How does the guild operate during progression?

Throughout the duration of fresh content, the guild bank pays for all repairs, furnishes enchanting materials and food buffs, and acts as a supplement for the exorbitant amount of consumable usage by our players (flasks and potions). All guild-earned commodities (such as epic items, patterns, and crafting materials) are distributed by the leadership on an as-needed basis. This level of micromanagement is essential to ensure a fair distribution of materials amongst all of our players, guaranteeing that no one is able to abuse the system.

  • What about guild politics? What happens internally?

On all important issues, the guild is a functioning democracy; every member’s input weighs just as heavily as the guild master’s own. In effect, the leadership exists solely to perform the less important, often tedious task of guild maintenance and finances, doing what they can to eliminate the burden on the other players.

  • Why don’t I ever see you guys posting on the forums?

Generally speaking and with few exceptions, it is against guild policy to post on public forums. Specifically, it is forbidden for members to participate in any sort of “raid progress” thread. We prefer to let our accomplishments speak for themselves. Likewise, we shun guildmates who trash talk to anyone via any medium (unless it is plainly in jest and with good will, or unless the target is Killars). We have a zero tolerance policy for douchebags, egomaniacs, or otherwise shady individuals.

  • What is the atmosphere like on Ventrilo, especially during raids?

It is usually very laid back, relaxed, and casual. Under normal circumstances, everyone is free to contribute their thoughts on the current strategy being employed against an encounter . Participation is encouraged, and often times the leadership will go out of their way to specifically inquire about the opinion of an individual who is notably remaining silent.


Overall, people here tend to be highly respectful in the majority of situations; they will not talk over one another just to be heard. It is integral to our success that everyone in the guild is enough of an adult to understand that just because a strategy they suggested may never be implemented, it does not mean their input was simply disregarded. Similarly, our players grasp that it is important for them to keep their composure during moments of high pressure, enabling the raid leader to be clearly heard by everyone. This level of maturity is likely a byproduct of the fact that the average age of a Nurfed member lies somewhere between 25-26 years old.


However, none of this is meant to imply that recruits will not be ridiculed to some extent. We are, after all, just a bunch of guys. Many here perceive themselves to be supremely witty, so inside jokes, genius puns, barbs, quips, and sarcasm are all prevalent in copious amounts. If you should happen to spectacularly fail at some point (as everyone inevitably does), be prepared for an onslaught of comedy at your expense. We will tease and snipe at you relentlessly for several weeks, and then it will gently fade to a fond memory. So carry your sins proudly as if they were badges of honor, for you will not survive in this guild without thick skin and an endless supply of confidence.

  • I noticed Nurfed topping some WoL records. What’s your guild link?

You may inspect us on World of Logs by clicking here.

  • There are rumors that your members have NPCs named after them. True or false?

No, and we solemnly swear that these “rumors” are nothing but dirty, filthy, blasphemous lies.

  • Where can your guild be found?

We are currently Horde on US-Tichondrius. You can chat with us through our forums or via IRC.